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Ghost 3.5

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Ghost is an easy-to-use file-and-folder-protection utility.

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If other users have access to your computer, then they also have access to your documents. With Ghost, you can prevent access to material you don't want others to see.

Ghost provides five specific protection options for files (such as invisibility and type-protecting) and three for folders. You can mix and match any or all of the options to customize the protection to the level you need.

Ghost is not an encryption program or a compression program. Files protected by Ghost remain intact and their data unaltered, eliminating the possibility of damage.

Features included in Ghost:

  • A Favorites window that allows you to save commonly-used files and folders so that they can be protected or restored at the click of a button.
  • Protect and restore files or folders based on your set protection options, or you can custom-protect a file or folder at any time without having to change your settings.
  • Ghost supports Finder drag-and-drop, allowing you to protect multiple files instantly simply by dragging them onto the Ghost icon.
  • And much more.

The Ghost folder includes a very detailed manual on how to use and register the program. The manual also lists, and fully describes, the numerous features included in the program. Make sure you read through this manual so you can take full advantage of all the functions. Or, you can visit the home page for more information.


Ghost is shareware. It is distributed in a limited-feature mode that can be unlocked with a registration code that is provided when you purchase it. When Ghost is in unregistered mode, there are certain restrictions in place that limit the functionality of the program. Also, Please Register dialog will pop up at startup reminding you to register your copy if you continue using it. The delay on the OK button will increase with the number of times you use Ghost until you register. Ghost requires a PowerMac running Mac OS 8.5 or higher.