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SockeToome 1.0

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SockeToome sends files directly to other users without a central server, and it can be used by people with both static and dynamic IP addresses.

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It works at the sender's convenience, queueing files for transmission to other users and holding them in a queue until they are successfully sent.

If you regularly exchange files with other people, SockeToome can simplify your life with features like these:

  • Both retries and resumes transfers
  • Transmits directly between the sender's and receiver's computer
  • Preserving your privacy since no central server is involved
  • Works at the sender's convenience as well as at the receiver's, and works between Macs and PCs
  • Can handle up to four outgoing and three incoming transmissions simultaneously
  • Simple to set up and run
  • Particularly suitable where people regularly exchange files
  • Works with both static and dynamic IP addresses; it utilizes a priority-based queueing system and allows messages to be sent with files
  • Has comprehensive logging, can be run unattended, features many queue-management facilities, and can be used to back up critical files to a friend's computer

For more detailed information and instructions, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Cost: $20 for a single user; An introductory special Correspondent offer buys two licenses for $26, allowing you to set up a friend with SockeToome at a substantial discount.