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Freeway 3.5

file size: 12.12 MB

Freeway is "Real DTP for the Web." It includes Grids, guides, high-end typographical control and familiar keyboard shortcuts.

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30 days
Classic / OS X
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Freeway has fully featured Dynamic HTML, CSS, frames, tables, built-in FTP and plug-in support. You can specify lay out in the same way as QXpress. The similarity also counts for the short cuts, which are built on QXpress and very easy and convenient to use. This concept might sound un-HTML, but it is actually very convenient. When creating a piece of text you can choose to be in graphic format (GIF, JPG etc) or in HTML format, with or without style sheets. You can do everything in one program and you can also add external resources from other programs as well.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.