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Hang2000 1.7.4

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Hangman2000, a major update of Hangman Plus, is the classic game of Hangman2000 set up for your Mac OS computer, complete with graphics and a slew of categories of words from which to choose.

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14 days
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Several of the categories include definitions of the words, which are automatically shown after they are completed, or after you are "hanged."

Hang2000 utilizes your computer's built-in speech synthesizer. The speech synthesizer spells and/or says the word that was just guessed. It can even speak words of encouragement when you win or lose the game.

This game is perfect for users of any age, but it is especially fun for young computer novices. This latest version adds a host of new digitized sounds and now supports an extended character set, allowing the entry and display of words in 11 languages.

For more information, including regarding later updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Requirements: A Macintosh capable of displaying 256 colors (or more).