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Wumpus 2.0.2

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The legendary Wumpus has been sighted around the nearby uncharted caverns.

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Classic / OS X
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As chief field worker of the local zoological society, you're given the job of catching this beast so that its ecological needs can be better understood. Equipped with a single tranquilizer dart (the Society runs on a tight budget), a lantern, some blasting sticks, and a canary, you venture boldly into the caves seeking your quarry.

To catch the Wumpus, you must use your nose and your deductive powers to determine where the Wumpus is snoozing, without actually seeing it - if you wander in, it will be startled and eat you. (The Wumpus is not a violent creature, but, hey, it's not a pet.)

When you think you know where the Wumpus is, hold down the Command key and click the target room (or press the appropriate direction key on the numeric keypad). Just remember, you only get one chance.

The Hazards: The caverns are a dangerous place. Fortunately, an alert spelunker will always get some warning:

  • Wumpus Stench indicates that the Wumpus is within one or two rooms.
  • Passed-Out Canary indicates that some neighboring cave room contains poisonous gas.
  • Cave Spider means a big web nearby.
  • Water means be quiet; if you make a lot of noise splashing around in the water, the Wumpus is likely to wake up and move.
  • Giant Bats can pick you up and drop you somewhere else (possibly even the Wumpus's lair).

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.