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X Ball 2.5.1

file size: 6.01 MB

This is a cash-based brickout style game.

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Classic / OS X
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You begin with $1,000 which slowly ticks down as you play. When it runs out the game is over, so the faster you beat the levels the better. Powerups can be bought with your funding and stored for later use, making timing and powerup combinations a key aspect of gameplay. There are 40 different powerups, different types of bricks, an assortment of enemies, 30 default levels, and an additional 650 levels in the library of user-contributed worlds. A world editor makes it possible to create your own levels and submit them online for other X Ball users to download. Your levels get their own Web page, screen shots, download count, comments and ratings page, and all time high score list.


The demo allows play in levels 1 through 10.