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Hoops 1.0

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Hoops provides a simple way for children and others to practice their vocabulary and math skills.

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When you choose the math option, the screen shows three problems. You decide if you want to try adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying. Then, a voice asks you to click on the problem that adds up to the number they say. If you pick the right one, your basketball flies up and makes a basket.

If you decide to try your word recognition skills, you're presented with three choices, and the voice says one of the words. Again, if you click on the right one, you make a basket. The program contains over 700 of the most-used English words. This would be helpful practice to those who use English as a second language.

For more detailed information, including updates, please read the documentation or visit the homepage.


Hoops has been tested under Macintosh System 7.6+ and Mac OS 8 on several different Macs.