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Blue Box AI (Artificial Intelligence) 2.0

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Blue Box AI (Artificial Intelligence) was developed to investigate Artificial Intelligence and its country cousin, ALife.

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BB AI consists of three programs called CA2, GA2, and PF2.

CA2 is a cellular autonoma simulation, similar to Conway's "Game of Life," but it uses four colors and rules that can be programmed by the user.

GA2 is an environment that uses CA2 as a basis, but it allows the user to define starting and ending patterns. The program then breeds cellular autonoma that will create the goal pattern.

It's fun to watch and - as you might expect - and uses principals of natural selection to do the job.

The last of the programs is PF2. This program uses a method to find paths in sparsely populated areas, densely populated areas, or both. It allows for multiple starting points (herds), adjusts for changes in the terrain, and allows for multiple goals. (It can even switch to a new goal if the terrain becomes blocked).

Check out the "fancy" example file for PF2. It contains pathfinding far beyond what I have seen elsewhere.


Runs only on Power PC Macintoshes.