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Click History 4.0

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Click History is a colorful HyperText application that indexes between 30 and 40 historical events, one for each day of the year.

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The simple interface lets you browse by clicking the mouse. You can also print or copy to the clipboard for use in other applications.

Click History is a wonderful tool for educators, students, media journalists, event coordinators and trivia buffs. It uses HyperText, just like the Web, to browse through history.

When you open the Click History application, it takes you to today and lists all events that have occurred on that day in history.

Click History even includes more than 200 uniquely Hawaiian events.

Click History is a stand-alone application that indexes several thousand events as they have occurred in history. Natural and unnatural phenomenon, political happenings, sports news, science, medicine, entertainment, trivia, and more.

Quickly find any text or word - or day or event - in a second. Copy all events for any day for use in your own publications, or print all events for a day with one click of the mouse.

New in version 4.0:

  • Added more key events, including ones Past, Present and Future.
  • Added improved statistcs for some key events in history.
  • Corrected information and typographical errors.
  • Made minor corrections for Balloon Help.
  • Made copyright, support, and address changes.
  • Improved perfomance and reliability through System 9.1 and Power Mac G4 500x2.
  • Added Search from menu via keyboard.

    For more detailed information, including on later updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


    Requirements: Any Macintosh with System 7, or 8, B/W Classic or Portrait version is available (Version 2.1.5). Requires a COLOR Mac w/ 4 MB of hard disk space. Ships on CD-ROM.