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Twistory 2.2

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Twistory is a tool for keeping track of when and where things happened, as well as their relationships to each other.

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Classic / OS X
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It is meant to provide a way to keep track of the multitude of different peoples, dynasties, empires and developments throughout history.

The program answers questions like, "What else was happening in the world at that time?"

Twistory is a historical dictionary that you can use to create maps and time lines. A resource swollen with more than 2,250 people, events and places is included.

The database has an open-text format, thus allowing for adding more historical information at a later time.

A complete description of the file format is included. The two main windows are the time line window and the map window. There is also a genealogy window, which shows the ancestors and descendants of the selected person, and an info window that illustrates additional details about the person or event.

A "This Day in History" window lists all milestones occurring on a particular day of the year. There is also a "Find" window.


System requirements: Twistory will run on any Mac with System 7 or later. It needs at least 3 Mb of free RAM. With a large monitor or with several windows open, about 5 Mb is better. Twistory does most of its drawing "offscreen" to a separate bitmap to prevent flicker, if it can allocate enough memory for the bitmap. If the windows flicker when they are redrawn, try increasing the application's memory partition in the Finder.