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BirdItaly 4.1

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BirdItlay contains fields for sightings, orders, families, sizes, habitats, photos and songs, as well as information on where and when you can see particular birds.

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The database was originally created to catalog bird species in Italy. This, of course, explains the name of the program.

However, you can catalog any bird you want, from any location, by expanding the database.

Main features include: An intuitive interface; the ability to build your own personalized bird database; and the liberty to use your personal bird checklist, or adopt it to the Western Palearctic checklist.

In addition, you may file your sightings, and see and hear each bird by filing pictures and sounds.

Use BirdItlay as a guide you can show off to your bird-watching friends.

New in version 4.1: You can archive more images or videos. Western Palearctic check-list was updated.

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more detailed information.


There are no special hardware requirements, but it is better if you can set your monitor at least to thousands of colors. You must consider that archiving images and sounds several megabytes. The demo version is limited to 20 records. You can use the images of this demo or those sent after your registration.


    Requires FileMaker Pro 3.0 or higher.