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Mulligan's Golf Personal 1.0.7

file size: 3.33 MB

Golf Personal offers statistical reporting, record-keeping and handicapping software for the individual golfer.

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Information for using Golf Personal is contained in the software folder. It can be opened after the Golf Personal program is launched.

(Look under Help on the toolbar and click on About Personal Golf Guides.)

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Requirements: Macintosh 68K or Power Macintosh; Mac OS version 7.0 (System 7) or later (including Mac OS 8); 4mb or more of available RAM (5mb+ on a Power Macintosh); 5-10 mb of available hard disk space; Apple Guide 2.0 (and enabler for Mac OS before 7.5.x); AppleEvent Manager/AppleScript (part of 7.5.x and later); Macintosh Drag and Drop (part of 7.5.x and later); Color monitor (strongly preferred). Golf Personal does not obey appearance and/or theme settings of Mac OS 8 or the Aaron or Kaleidoscope extensions - it uses its own grayscale appearance in all environments. Demonstration versions of Golf Personal will expire. You will be notified about two weeks before your copy is set to expire. The Demonstration version of Golf Personal is significantly disabled - see the Upgrading the Demo Version folder provided with the software about upgrading to a fully enabled version Golf Personal.