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BiblePromise 2.5

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BiblePromise presents a different inspirational scripture verse each day from its database of nearly 365 Bible quotations.

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You can display Bible quotations on your screen from either the New International Version, the Revised Standard Version, the King James (authorized) version, the New King James Version.

When starting the program, it places an alias in the Startup folder in the System folder. Every time you start your computer, a new verse pops up, and then you can click the Amen button.

It is also possible to use a speech option so the verse can be read to you. If your computer does not support Speech Manager, or if Speech Manager is not properly installed, the Speech preferences will not be enabled. However, if your computer does support Speech Manager, you can have it read the Scripture verse when the main window of BiblePromise is open.

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more instructions on the various ways of operating BiblePromise.