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DesktopJanitor 1.0.2

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With DesktopJanitor, you can store your favorite desktop appearance.

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Then, in case someone else gets creative with your desktop, you can put it back the way you like it. Also, some of those games you play might not only zap the bad guys, they might zap your computer settings as well.

DesktopJanitor preserves your desktop theme, window status, icon locations, screen settings, and application switcher status. All you need to do is open the program, check the boxes for the items you want stored, then press the "Store" button.

Please read the detailed documentation provided in the downloaded folder for more information and instructions.


DesktopJanitor doesn't support multi-monitor settings. You may need "Jon's Command scripting addition" to restore monitor height and width. Monitor depth would be restored without it. It's a handy and useful scripting addition file. It's available at ands.html System requirements: Mac OS 8.5 or later; AppleScript extension; PowerPC only, just tested on 7600/120 and iMac, G3 233 Mhz; 1772 KB of memory and 460 KB free space on the hard drive.