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anAtlas 2.0 Beta 8

file size: 3.79 MB

anAtlas locates cities and countries when you type the names into a search field.

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Classic / OS X
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After you find the name in the list and click on it, the map blinks in that spot and draws a line from your area to that area. anAtlas has over 60,000 locations in its database.

Features include:

  • A search of the local database or Internet databases
  • Search by city, state, province, country or geographical feature
  • Results are displayed on a full-color map
  • Find distances between locations by setting a Home Base
  • Work with your own data by simply dropping or pasting it into anAtlas
  • Link easily to Internet resources such as maps, weather and imagery

anAtlas is currently free, although Harry Hooie encourages users to register for 10 US dollars to encourage continued development, which will include an OS X version.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Requirements are: a Power PC, Mac OS 8.0 through X and 9MB of available RAM.