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GS-Calc 17.2

file size: 3.35 MB

GS-Calc is a spreadsheet application that will help you to organize your data, track your expenses and incomes, create reports, search, and edit databases.

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30 Days
7 / Vista / 10 / 8
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* 12 million rows x 4,096 columns.

* A unique feature of organizing worksheets in a tree form.

* Efficient memory usage to quickly load and save the largest files.

* Fast pivot tables, optimization and other advanced statistical functions.

* Using up to 64 processor cores during calculations.

* Functions written by users in C/C++ as plain DLL libraries.

* Users can replace the default built-in functions retaining the multicore support.

* A unique feature of working in up to 100 synchronized panes to boost your productivity.

* GS-Calc can be installed on any portable device and used without performing any registry modifications.

* Two optional native file formats: Open Document *.ods spreadsheet format and exceptionally fast and compact binary format.

* Extensive match/look-up functionality for more precise and fastest possible searching. Regular expressions.

* Support for JScripts & VBScripts. Organizing scripts hierarchically in trees.

* 2D/XY and 3D charts capable of handling very large amounts of data.

* Saving workbooks to PDF: saving entire workbooks, single worksheets, ranges or single charts to compact PDF files.

* A complete set of functions to import, export and convert data in the text, dBase, Clipper, Fox Pro, Excel XML file formats.

* Around 300 built-in formulas including specialized numerical functions: matrix decompositions; linear equation sets with improving iterations; least squares (weighted, constrained), regression with orthogonal polynomials; time series analysis; minimization; linear programming, integer programming and quadratic programming.

Both 64- and 32-bit versions are available.