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Full Motion Video 6.0

file size: 32.45 MB

Its a full featured movie, still and audio player supporting a wide range of formats including MP3, DivX, Xvid, Windows Media, H2634 and MKV(Matroska) to name a few.

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15 Days
7 / XP / Vista
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Variable slow motion and mousewheel frame advance and rewind. For audio, there's Multi-language CDDB support to identify your CD's and an ID3 editor to tag and classify your MP3 collection. FMV has two playback engines including one that is DirectShow DirectX based. This means FMV will take full advantage of any hardware on your graphics card automatically and deliver the best playback performance possible even on HD sources.

Not just your average editor and very easy to use - you won't find a timeline in there either. FMV is a cut based editor. This can be a far more creative way of producing video as you work with each 'cut' and not the timeline as a whole. FMV shields the user from the technicality of editing whilst delivering a creative environment. Naturally your previews are real-time and you see on screen exactly what you get - Titles, layered effects & transitions. No more pictorial representations of what the transition or effect might look like - FMV renders the preview in real-time so you see exactly what you will get on the clips you are editing. Mix clips of different formats, frames rates and sizes. The number of effects and transitions are virtually unlimited. Output to HD, Twitter, Facebook or Xbox360. Together with Keyframing, a Titler and color correction, it's an editing powerhouse. Check out the samples to see what we mean.

Cool Audio visualisations that dance to the music, Frame extraction from any clip to create your windows backdrop (including Hi-def sources) , create screensavers and .... a 'chill-out screen' if it all gets too much. There is also a video zoom tool which allows zooming to 1500% - On a high def movie, you can see the camera mans reflection in the actors eyes - Try it and see for yourself....