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Ariston Backgammon 5.04

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A neural net-based backgammon program with attractive graphics, animated pieces, most easy to use interface and many features like: match play, doubling cube, undo last move, let computer recommend moves, rollout a position, set up any board situation, store positions in archive, save/load a position in a *.POS file, replay log files ( *.MAT *.GAM *.NG *.SGG ), board designer, help manual, demo, etc.

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10 Uses
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003 / Vista
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Spielstarkes und dabei auch grafisch ansprechendes Backgammonspiel. Superleicht zu bedienen mittels Maus oder Tastatur. Viele Features wie: Dopplerwuerfel, Hilfefunktion, Zugvorschlag, Zugzuruecknahme, Spielstand speichern, Stellungen in Archiv speichern, beliebige Stellung aufstellen(EDIT), Demo, Pipscount, Boarddesigner usw..