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AVPlayer - Awesome Video Player

file size: 41.22 MB

Enjoy Watching Up to 16 Videos At Once!

7 / 10 / 2008 Server / 2012 Server / 8

Control Multiple Videos with Playlists & Keyboard Shortcut Support. Watching Videos Will Never be the Same Again!

Awesome Video Player, is a modern free application for Windows that allows users to watch multiple videos of any format simultaneously on each PC screen like never seen before. It's great for viewing multiple clips of a scene, going through a large amount of videos, or as we use it frequently, watching our collection of AV, well, Awesome Videos.

With it, users can enjoy watching up to 16 videos at once on each screen (imagine 32 videos on dual monitors) and have them automatically arranged to maximize screen usage. The number of videos that can be played simultaneously is only limited by the available GPU and CPU power. The videos can then be saved into convenient playlists and reloaded easily for future entertainment.

A key feature of AVPlayer compared to other media players like Windows Media Player and VLC is its versatility in video playback using very little resources, in order to render as many video as possible at the same time. While Windows Media Player only supports a limited number of hardware decoded video formats, and VLC almost exclusively relies on software decoding using the CPU, AVPlayer always prioritize Hardware Accelerated video decoding using the graphics card's video decoding engine, and can seamlessly fallback to CPU assisted software video decoding to support all video formats.