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Systweak TuneupMyMac 1.9

file size: 4.16 MB

TuneupmyMac is a comprehensive set of tools you need to keep your Mac in great shape.

Published by:
10.10 / 10.9 / 10.7 / 10.8

TuneupmyMac comes with the following features: 1. One Click Cleaning Scraps system and user cache files, temporary files, log files and other junk items.

It also optimize applications by removing their redundant parts meant for other platforms and by deleting unused languages.

The best part is, this application will do all these functions in one-click.

2. The Optimization module comes with three options: Duplicate Finder - Finds duplicate files and allows you to wipe them easily.

Uninstaller Allows you to uninstall all components of unwanted apps by just dragging and dropping the app in the Uninstaller box.

Startup Apps A tool to speed up the boot time of Mac. Enable or disable the apps from starting automatically when Mac starts.

3. Internet Privacy To wipe out traces of your browsing activity. Cleans browsing history and cookies.

4. Large Files Generates a list of files in descending order of space occupied by them. Easy for you to locate large obsolete files and organize the storage space of your Mac.

5. Shredder Drag and drop your files in the Shredder to permanently delete them so that they cannot be recovered with the help of any recovery tool.

TuneupmyMac makes a perfect recipe for ensuring peak performance of your Mac every time you work on it. Download the app now!