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Systweak Disk Analyzer Pro 1.2.6

Higher the number of files and application stored in your Mac, higher is the complexity in sorting and managing them.

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10.10 / 10.9 / 10.7 / 10.8

Some heavy obsolete files kept in a corner of your Mac might be gobbling up the space without your awareness.

Disk Analyzer Pro makes managing files a cake walk, no matter how big or how obscured they may be. It allows you to identify large files and folders, and delete the unneeded or outdated ones to keep storage space of your Mac organized and clean.

It scans and generates illustrative report showing memory usage statistics of various file types as per their count, size, and percentage of storage used.

Double clicking on any file type or category launches file explorer where you may easily delete, move, copy, or Zip the listed files.

Options such as Top 100 Files by size and Top 100 Oldest file help you in spotting large obsolete files that you may delete to free up gigabytes of memory.

This app also shows an exhaustive list of folders and subfolders sorted on the basis of their size. File explorer can be launched by double clicking on any folder to perform actions such as delete, copy, move, and Zip on the contained files.

Disk Analyzer Pro supports Mac OS X 10.8 and above versions. Download now from Mac App Store.