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DataBinder Document Manager 1.0

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A Flexible, Intuitive Document Management Solution

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1 Months
7 / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server / 2012 Server / 8

DataBinder is the new document management solution from AbIntra Software. Scan documents with the multifunction printer that is most likely already on your desk and the software will link those disparate pages together based on the information that you identified as being the most meaningful. Quickly refine your searches using intuitive search criteria controls that provide real-time feedback of the matching documents. Organize scanned pages into new documents and folders using simple drag and drop movements. Scanned pages can be printed, emailed and saved as PDF files with the touch of a button. Flexible Instead of shoehorning your documents into pre-defined categories, DataBinder allows you to create templates that identify the content that is most meaningful to you. Simply highlight all the important areas that you want the software to read and DataBinder will use OCR technology to capture the appropriate content each time that you scan a document with that template. Content defined in one template can be linked to content in another template so that all pages that share the same information (an invoice number, account name or date, for example) can be quickly displayed by clicking on a hyperlink. Templates also allow users to create placeholders for content that will be provided when a page is scanned but is not found on the page itself, such as the date the document was received. Unlike competing products that store documents as individual files, DataBinder stores each page separately. This unmatched flexibility allows users to quickly assemble new documents from multiple sources. For example, sales charts from monthly reports can be combined into a new year-end summary without having to include each monthly report's other pages. Documents can be grouped into folders and frequently accessed documents can be pinned in a special tab. Intuitive DataBinder's easy-to-use search panel allows users to quickly find the documents that they need. Instead of forcing users to endure cumbersome, inefficient full-text searches of thousands of pages, DataBinder uses quick searches of the key values to find documents precisely. Real-time feedback of the documents that match the current search criteria are displayed to guide users during the search process. Complex queries can be defined without knowledge of database programming techniques or terminology. Many tasks are performed in DataBinder using simple mouse movements rather than menu options or keyboard commands. Document templates are linked by dragging content labels from one template and dropping it onto another. Similar, pages are copied from one document to another and documents organized within folders via drag and drop as well.