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FreeWriter Software Standard Edition 1.0.7

file size: 13.44 MB

FreeWriter Software is a complete program to help write books, novels and reports.

Trial Period:
Only provides Standard Edition features without upgrade Days
7 / XP / Vista / 8

It provides an exciting graphical approach to writing. It includes our visual 'Thoughts Canvas' technology to control your creativity - helping you create quality writing. The word processor contains all the things an writer needs to create a their work from start to finish. - It provides all these things in a clear and concise way. You are even presented with tools to enable you to set productivity targets, and plot your progress against them as you go along!

FreeWriter Standard is completely free of charge and suitable for the needs of most people. It also provides an optional, free trial of the enhanced features of FreeWriter Professional which can be purchased with a small online payment. Educational Professional licenses are free.