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LastPass 2.0.20

file size: 14.14 MB

Your LastPass master password is the only password you'll ever need.

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7 / 2k / XP / Vista / 8

The LastPass team believes your online experience can be easier, faster and safer. Collectively we lose more than 10,300 hours per year retrieving lost passwords, making new ones or talking to call center representatives about them. And it gets much worse if a password is stolen and misused. We go online to connect with people, explore, shop and learn. We certainly don't go online to fuss with passwords or risk our privacy, personal or financial information. Designed by web enthusiasts and skilled application developers, LastPass was created to make the online experience easier and safer for everyone.

Set up multiple 'profiles' and automatically fill your personal information into web forms accurately and safely. Easily log into your websites seamlessly with a single click of your mouse button. Your sensitive data is encrypted on your PC. Only your LastPass password can unlock your data and only YOU have it. Your data is securely synchronized across all devices giving you access to it anywhere at anytime. Your LastPass vault isn't limited to only securely storing usernames and passwords - ANY confidential text data can be placed in your vault for safe keeping.