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Oracle SQL Handler for Linux 4.0

file size: 40.35 MB

Oracle SQL Handler, is an Oracle development tool(client tool) , is very useful and helpful for Oracle database developers and operators.

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15 Days
Console / X11

convenient, functional, no serial number limitation. Its advantages and good features as below: (1) Platform crossing, can run in platforms Windows(WIN7,XP...), Linux and Mac OS. (2) Does not needs install Oracle client. (3) Super intelligent SQL editor. (4) Super convenient worksheet to show and operate SELECT statement's searched result. (5) Multiple types of data export including XLSCSVINSERT StatementHTML XML. (6) Can easily operate data dictionaries including tables, views, indexes, procedures, triggers(can show/edit/compile PL/SQL code). (7) Can clearly show SQL's explain plan with indent ladder format. (8) Can run and debug PL/SQL code, can accurately locate at error row/column. ......