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fpexpress 1.0.0

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fpexpress is a free utility for calculating and verifying message digest of disk file and/or text.

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10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8
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It has the following features:

Multiple platforms support: Runnable on Microsoft Windows (Windows 2000 and later), GNU/Linux (currently only CentOS、Debian、Fedora、Mageia、Mint、openSUSE、Ubuntu and zorin OS distributions are supported) and Mac OS X(10.6 and later) Multiple languages support: Provides the build-in support to English (US) and Simplified Chinese and extended template files for Russian, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Greek and Hindi languages Multiple algorithms support: Provides MD5, the SHA series as well as over ten other kind of message digest algorithms (depending on user's selection on Microsoft Windows platform) so that it can satisfy the most common users' needs Multiple look and feels support: Provides the system, jgoodies, substance as well as twenty other kind of themes [and/or] look and feels for your choice. The changes to look and feel will take effect immediately without restarting the running fpexpress Integrate both calculation and verification of message digest The calculated result can be exported to the system clipboard or disk file with optional encoding. The exported disk file can be viewed by any text editor or web browser Support the message digest of both disk file and text Instant mode for the disk file: the message digest for the select files are calculated in real time when this mode is enabled Dynamic support for the message digest algorithm: take effect immediately without restarting the application after adding and removing a message digest algorithm Message digest display can be specified in upper or lower case Graphical User Interface(GUI), convenient for user's operation with a mouse or touchpad Support Drag and Drop (DnD) operation for both disk file and text and more...