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Fanball Combine 0.0.6

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<p>Fanball Combine is FREE Fantasy Football software that allows you to customize and create cheat sheets, mock drafts and player rankings based on your own scoring system.

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7 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server

All reports can be exported as HTML, TXT or CSV. </p> <p>Fanball Combine uses a modular design to allow you to easily swap projected stats, scoring systems, league properties, draft strategies and display grids when creating reports. Player projections, registry and injury status updates are uploaded to our server every few days. Users can create and submit their own projection strain to share with other users.</p>


<ul>Cheat Sheets <li>Use custom projected stats and scoring systems.</li> <li>Calculate the roster value of each player.</li> <li>Create HTML, TXT or CSV documents.</li> <li>Create custom cheat sheets.</li> <li>Recreate cheat sheets with updated player projections and injury status with a few clicks.</li> </ul> <ul>Mock Drafts <li>Automatic mock drafts.</li> <li>User generated mock drafts.</li> <li>Apply custom scoring systems and projected stats.</li> <li>Apply custom draft strategies.</li> <li>Create HTML, TXT or CSV documents.</li> <li>Create custom mock drafts.</li> </ul> <ul>Projected Stats <li>Choose from a variety of projections.</li> <li>All stats can be modified.</li> <li>Player injury status updates.</li> <li>Change projected stats modules with One Click.</li> <li>Export stats as HTML, TXT or CSV documents.</li> </ul> <ul>Scoring Systems <li>85 scoring categories to use.</li> <li>Handles Negative, fractional, ranged and incremental scoring.</li> <li>Apply scoring to specific positions.</li> <li>Export scoring systems as HTML, TXT or CSV documents.</li> </ul> <ul>Draft Strategies <li>Set custom draft strategies for each team.</li> <li>Used to create automatic mock drafts.</li> <li>Set draft rules to use for specific draft rounds.</li> <li>Include or exclude positions to draft in specific rounds.</li> <li>Apply factors to positions to change position value.</li> </ul> <ul>League Properties <li>Apply draft strategies to specific teams.</li> <li>Create roster size and starting values.</li> <li>Merge positions.</li> <li>Automatically generate Draft Order.</li> </ul>