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ICU Icon Configuration Utility 3.4

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Restore your desktop when the icons get “rearranged”.

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Restore your desktop when the icons get rearranged. Melba23 and I found we were working on very similar ideas to restore the Desktop icons to their normal place if they became rearranged. Vista seems to like this doing on occasion just for fun but we all know some apps and games which change the display resolution or move icons around. This annoys tidy people who like their desktops arranged just so I am particularly thinking of this desktop when I say that! We combined efforts and here is the result of our labors. Operation is easy press Save to store a particular configuration and Restore to reset the icons to the saved positions in the selected configuration file. Delete allows you to remove unwanted configuration files from the list. There is a command line option so that the restoration can be run via HotKeys if required (that is why the script warns that it should be compiled for full functionality). You can decide what to do with any icons that have been added since you last saved the configuration file the default is to put them in the top-left corner, but you can also banish them way off-screen or, more sensibly, specify a location for them. A new feature as of ICU v2.8 is the optional Desktop Contextmenu Integration (DCI) for Win7 (Win7 only because Microsoft implemented an easy way to do this through the registry as of this release). Sadly this function only works properly when you are logged in as Admin an UAC is turned off (not recommended).