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Co-Ment 1.0.5

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Co-Ment, a libre web service for annotating, discussing and writing texts online.

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Co-Ment allows many to elaborate texts online. The editing environnement is wiki-like, supporting many syntaxes (Markdown, RST, HTML, and soon Mediawiki), and it allows some finelly controlled layouts including table or images.

But the most interesting thing is that users of Co-Ment can comment sharp extracts of the text, giving many point of views that allow the text to be built on strong and equipped debates.

Then, some advanced comment navigation features are provided, to discover new annotations or go through the history of a debate, and it's even possible to set up an email alert on text edits or new comments.

Co-Ment is fitted with many import/export format support : TXT, DOC, ODT, HTML

It is available as a free web service, extended by pro accounts following the Wordpress model. Source code is available on the website, and it's also bundled as a Drupal module.

To finish, some of the greatest use cases of Co-Ment are for education, in particular first language and literature teaching in secondary education. So Sopinspace made some evolutions of the software for these use cases, setting up some stock configuration profiles for teachers and students easing some educational situation to take place : collaborative work, or teacher-student dialog