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SmartDreamer Dream Journal v1.0.1

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SmartDreamer is a powerful multi-platform, multi-language dream dedicated journal software application.

Trial Period:
5 Uses
10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / OS X

SmartDreamer is the first and premier dream dedicated application that has been designed from ground up to operate on Windows, Machintosh, Solaris and Linux computer systems and to give you ease of use with a clean and easy to understand interface to record your dreams.

SmartDreamer includes benefits to dream journaling using dedicated software by detailing each dream by date, time, description, characters, keywords, recurring themes, meanings of particular characters or themes and leaves space for comments and notes about your dream. Functions include password protection, print single or multiple dreams, backup and restore, email dreams, autosave, search by title, keywords, description, protagonists, events, symbols, themes and comments. Export dreams and online dream dictionary access. SmartDreamer includes free same version updates, personalized support and manual. Experience SmartDreamer today!