Picks: Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation, Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper, Save Flash and more

Dr. File Finder reviews Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation, Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper, Save Flash, PicturePlayer, PuckFun and BREAKTRU PAYROLL.
Published: May 10, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper
Download Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper, a powerful DVD to MP3/WAV ripper, can extract sound tracks from...
PicturePlayer 3.50.02
Download PicturePlayer is an image presentation program that has been specially designed for use...
PuckFun 1.5
Download Play PuckFun, three games in one: Shuffle Puck, Air Hockey and Shootout.
Breaktru PAYROLL 2019 19.0.0
Download Payroll Software. Ever wonder if your pay check is correct?

PuckFun, by MoMoGames is a fun game that I wrote about not long ago in myQuick Picks.It's a fun game that's really three, different games in one. You can play Shootout, Shuffle Puck, and Air Hockey ... whatever suits your mood. PuckFun can be played across a Local Area Network, or LAN, for even more fun. Blast the puck at your opponent and see who wins!

PuckFun has 20 exciting levels and the full version has nine opponents for you to go up against. It's a face-paced game that'll keep you on your toes. As you go along you can collect bonuses that will give you some special abilities, like freezing your opponent, slowing down the puck, and much more. This is the kind of game that's fun for the whole family and it can probably become quite addictive. So, if you've been looking for a game that's fast, fun, and not gory, take a good look at PuckFun. I think you'll like it.

Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper, by Xilisoft Inc. is a slick program that actually lets you "rip" the contents of a DVD and save all the audio. What a neat idea and it works really well. You can take your favorite movies that are on DVD and rip out all of the audio. The audio can be saved in a variety of formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, and more.

Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper gives you a variety of ways designating what you want to rip. For example, you can give the program a start and end time and have it rip everything in between. Or, you can have it rip by DVD "chapter". I was impressed with the quality of the audio that was ripped from the DVD's I used while testing. A perfect tool for saving the audio from things like your favorite concert DVD's. One of the ones I used in testing was Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and the results were impressive.

Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper is easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface. It's perfect for both novice and experienced users. The process is very easy and the results are great. So, if you've been looking for a way to get the audio off some of your favorite DVD's,this could be your solution. Give it a try and see for yourself.I recommend it!

BREAKTRU PAYROLL 2006, by BREAKTRU SOFTWARE is a slick program for anyone who needs to do a payroll. The program comes with up-to-date tax tables and has lots of nice features. It allows you to define your own fields so you aren't locked in to something that won't work for your situation. So, for example, if you deduct so much for a lunch program, you can add that to the program. It's set up so with a glance you can quickly look over a year and get the information you need. Nicely done.

BREAKTRU PAYROLL 2006 give you all kinds of pay options so you can pay bi-weekly, monthly, and so on. You can also update your tax tables and easily update the tax information in the program. The program lets you create reports for your accountant, figures overtime percentages, and more. The user interface is intuitive and the program is easy-to-use. So, if you need a program for handling your basic payroll needs, take a look. It may be just what you're looking for.

Save Flash, by Pilot Group Ltd.is an interesting program that lets you save anything "Flash."That makes it easy for you to save flash banner, flash animations, and much more. I liked the fact that you could easily preview things you'd saved with the program. If you want, you could save every Flash object off of a Web page or make a screen capture of a flash element andsave it as a graphic. Cool.

Save Flash makes it really easy to save a flash item you see while browsing. Just right-click on it and it'll be saved in the folder you designated. The program also lets you examine information about any flash item you've saved. So, you can easily see what Web site it came from, the resolution, and more. So, if you're into "Flash", this is a program you need to try. It's easy-to-use and intuitive and perfect for users with all levels of experience. Check it out!

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation is a truly full-featured disk imaging solution. You can use the program to backup one computer or all the computers on your network. The program creates an "image"of a drive that contains everything ... operating system, programs, and data. If you have a crash you can easily restore your entire drive. So,if you're looking for an efficient, effective backup solution, check it out.

Dr. File Finder Quick PickPicturePlayer is a neat program for working with all of your digital photos. You can create slide shows that have sound in them. You can easily use the program to create a pictorial presentation for work or a electronic photo album of your vacation. Your slide shows can have lots of options, like sounds, a variety of "fades", and lots more. So,if you're into pictures take a look. I'll get to my full review as soon as possible.

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