Picks: FTP Voyager Software Development Kit., WordPerfect Mail, Net Profile Switch and more

Dr. File Finder reviews FTP Voyager Software Development Kit., WordPerfect Mail, Net Profile Switch, Absolut Chess, Beyond TV and Corel Photo Album.
Published: Feb 15, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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WordPerfect Mail 1.0
Download Find information anywhere, including folders, calendars and contact lists.
Net Profile Switch 4.7
Download Switch your laptop/notebook between multiple networks.
Beyond TV 4.7
Download Beyond TV lets you record TV shows on the PC. Supports OTA HD.
Corel Photo Album 7
Download This program allows you to enhance, organize, and share digital photos.

WordPerfect MAIL, by Corel Corporation, is a slick e-mail client from the people who bring you great products like WordPerfect Office, CorelDRAW and many others. The program is intuitive as well as being easy-to-use and I think that makes it perfect for users with all levels of experience. WordPerfect Mail has an excellent set of features and is the kind of program that can easily be used at home and at the office. To date I've looked at every e-mail program available and WordPerfect MAIL is the first e-mail client in a long time to impress me.

WordPerfect MAIL has a powerful search feature that can help you to find e-mails fast. That's an important feature when you do a lot of e-mail. The program also lets you create multiple folders so organizing your e-mail is a snap. In addition to folders you can also create categories that allow you to separate e-mail in a variety of ways. The program also has a very cool feature called Smart Groups. This is a really powerful feature for anyone who subscribes to mailing lists or RSS news feeds. You can configure Smart Groups to recognize incoming messages and place them in the correct group. You can, for example, create Smart Groups to automatically put e-mail from a certain person into one folder, e-mail from a certain group in another folder and so on. I was really impressed with the way Smart Groups would let me manage both e-mail and RSS news feeds. Slick!

WordPerfect MAIL also has some other cool extras that you don't find in other e-mail programs. For example, you can have multiple address books. That makes it easy to let multiple people use the same program for handling their mail. It also has a very cool calendar function. You can create appointments and events, and keep yourself organized. If that isn't enough, you can even have multiple calendars. That gives you the power and flexibility to have one calendar for work, one for the Scout troop you run and one for family events. Hey, and you can even search through your calendar events. I like the way WordPerfect MAIL gives you so much power over your e-mail. You can quickly sort mail and news feeds with Smart Group, but there's more. You can group messages by threads which makes it easier to keep up with long-winded e-mail conversations. You can create rules to further sort your e-mail.

WordPerfect MAIL by Corel Corporation is a powerful e-mail client that's loaded with features. At the same time, however, the interface is easy-to-use and intuitive. New users can use it and be happy and experienced users can use it and be dazzled by the cool features it has. You can have multiple e-mail signatures, multiple e-mail accounts, handle both POP and IMAP e-mail accounts, and the program can work with secure mail servers. The program helps you to control SPAM (unwanted e-mail), keep you life organized, and deal with e-mail and RSS feeds in a way that makes sense to you! So, for all of these reasons WordPerfect MAIL is not only a Pick, but I'm also making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite and those are few and far between. So, if you're looking for an e-mail client that's easy-to-use and loaded with great features, this is the e-mail program you need to look at. I recommend it!

Absolut Chess, by Overlans Systems, is a full featured chess game that also has a humorous side.You can play the game against other humans on your LAN (Local Area Network) or even across the Internet. The program has three levels of difficulty and also maintains a history of games. You can also save games, which is a great feature to have if you run out of time and want to resume a game a little later. While in a game with another player the program offers a chat feature so you can converse back and forth.

Absolut Chess has excellent 3-dimensional graphics and some cool sound effects. I've been playing chess since I was seven years old, but for those of you who haven't the program has excellent online help. You can take back a move, replay a game and more. Whether you're new to chess or an old master, Absolut Chess is well worth your download time. Check it out.

Beyond TV, by SnapStream Media,lets you watch and even record television on your computer. I was impressed with the selection of things I could watch. A nice feature about this is that you can watch it when you want to, and there are no monthly or yearly charges. No charges for the service at all. A slick feature is the ability to search for things you might want to watch based on your criteria. For example, you could search for a particular title or a specific actor. When you find what you want you can even skip any commercials you may encounter. Cool.

With Beyond TV you can fast-forward, stop, pause, rewind and more. The software even has a built-in program guide that includes listings for the US and Canada. You can also get a full range of FM radio stations to play and record. Just like a real video recorder you can program the software to record specific things at specific times. I liked the fact that the software supports a variety of file formats including WMV, DivX and MPEG-2. And you can easily burn the content you've saved to DVDs. The program also has a feature called ShowSqueeze that can compress your recordings so they take up less space. Another slick feature is that you can set all your recordings to automatically be saved in a compressed format. Neat! Heck you can even put some of the things you record on your Palm Pilot or Pocket PC.

Beyond TV has an astonishing array of features and functions, and yet the program is quite easy-to-use. There's even a setting that puts the equivalent of bookmarks into your recordings. This feature, called SmartSkip, divides a movie, for example, into a number of parts. It's very much like dividing a recording up into segments or chapters. So, if you know you have a favorite scene in The Matrix, you can skip right to it. Nicely done. And, if you want to share your content with others on your network you can opt to buy a separate product called Beyond TV Link. This lets everyone on your network view recorded and live content.

Beyond TV is a powerful product that's full of features and functions that can greatly enhance your enjoyment of TV and radio on your computer. In reviewing this product I started checking into similar products and in the future I'll be doing a Dr. File Finder's Picks Roundup of computer TV and radio programs. If you're really into television, radio, movies and recording you might want to take a good look at Beyond TV. Check it out.

Net Profile Switch, by Jitbit Software, is a cool tool that lets you maintain multiple network configurations on your computer. For example, when I use my laptop at home I'm using the setting on my wireless network. At the same time, when I go to my daughters house they have a different network configuration. By using Net Profile Switch I can maintain the setting of both network configurations and easily switch back and forth. Rather than manually switch every time you change locations, all you have to do is click a mouse button and the settings you want are loaded. I was impressed that the program doesn't just remember simple network settings, but a full range of possible setting. You can save, for example, your DNS gateway settings, IP address, proxy settings and even mapped drive parameters. The program makes it a snap to switch from one network setting to another.

Net Profile Switch is extremely handy if you have to utilize more than a couple network configurations on your computer. It allows you to switch settings with just a click and can even handle things like finding your default printer and mapped drives. So, if you find yourself having to constantly switch the network settings on your laptop take a look Net Profile Switch. It'll be just what you're looking for.

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Corel Photo Album is a dynamite program for working with all of your digital photos. The program is loaded with features to make your photo experience more enjoyable. You can manage all of your photos, enhance them, grab pictures right from your camera, backup your photos and lots more. You can search for photos by date, drag-and-drop pictures and create picture collages. The program comes with all kinds of extras including templates, a photo recovery program to recover deleted photos and more. So, if you're into digital photos check it out. I'll be doing my full review as soon as possible, but don't wait for me. Download it now.

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick
  • FTP Voyager Software Development Kit by RhinoSoft.com
  • Check it out!

FTP Voyager Software Development Kit is an SDK that will be of interest to programmers. FTP Voyager is an award-winning FTP client that's won both the Shareware Industry Awards and the SIAF People's Choice Awards. So, it's a hit with both computer professionals and users like you. The FTP Voyager Software Development Kit can be used by programmers to add the power of FTP Voyager to their products.So, if you're a programmer and you'd like to add full-featured FTP to your product, take a look at this SDK from the folks at RhinoSoft.

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