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Stop by and join Doc this week and he talks about Agent, Easy PC Transfer, and Avant Browser.
Published: Sep 28, 2005
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Agent, by Forte,Inc. is a first-rate newsreader and this is a brand new version.Agent has been around for a long time, 1995, and it's always been thenewsgroup program that I've used. The program is fast and efficient andeasy-to-use as well. I think the user interface is very intuitive andthat makes it perfect for users with all levels of experience. You cansee where you need to go at a glance with toolbar titles that meansomething like Action, Folder, Message, and the like. For a full 30-daysyou get all of the features and then, if you don't register, theprogram becomes Free Agent. Free Agent is fine for the casualuser, but you may want to pay the modest registration fee to get thewhole ball of wax. That's what I do.

Agent can handle multiple newsgroup servers, private newsgroups,and email. It also comes with some impressive filtering power so you canget exactly what you want from the newsgroups you subscribe to. It dealswith text and binary newsgroups equally well and even supports "virtualservers." It provides the ability to have the program "pull" in contentfrom multiple servers so you have optimum content with a "virtualserver" -- a very slick option! Agent has quite a few optionsthat you can configure, like the way it deals with headers for example.I personally always use Agent with me in control, but you can also letit work in the background doing the things you've told it to do. And,the ability to do email and newsgroups make it a great two-in-onetool.

Agent, by Forte Inc., is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution forboth newsgroups and email. It's loaded with great features and lots ofconfigurable options. You can customize it in so many ways includingfilters to route your information and different rules for differentfolders. The program also makes it very easy to find information that'sin the program. Search for text in e-mail or newsgroups and find whatyou're looking for! There are other newsreaders, but to me Agent is thebest I've seen. So, it's not only a Pick, but I'm also making ita Dr. File Finder Favorite, and thoseare few and far between. I hope you'll give it a try and see foryourself just how good Agent is. Check it out - I recommend it!

Easy PC Transfer, by StompSoft is a really slick solution for anyone that's trying to get a new computer up and running. I think all of us have faced the often puzzling problem of how to get all of our "stuff" from here to there. And not just files, but preferences and setting that you've made over time. Well, from now on, that shouldn't be a concern because Easy PC Transfer does the job for you. The program has a nice, intuitive user interface so it's very easy-to-use. Whether you're a new computer user or an experienced veteran this program will make it easy to get that new computer set up just the way you want it.

Easy PC Transfer utilizes a nifty "wizard" to guide you through the process of getting files, settings, preferences, and more, moved over. Most of us don't really realize just how customized our computers are until we get a new one. Then the dawn breaks and you start to see all the little things that you've missed. Things like bookmarks and shortcuts. Yes, simple things, but a really tedious task to recreate all of them. With Easy PC Transfer you can control the entire process and save yourself lots of time and aggravation. The transfer of data can be done in a number of way including across a network, via a cable, oreven via CD and/or DVDs. Nicely done.

Easy PC Transfer, by StompSoft, is an ideal tool if you want to transfer or "migrate" your things from one computer to another. It's easy-to-use and anyone can do it. You can let the program handle the details of what gets transferred, or you can customize it to suit your exact specifications. I like the fact that you can do the transfer via CD or DVD for those who may not have a network or even a cable. When you buy the boxed package you actually get a cable with it. You know that at some point you're going to get a new computer and when you do this is the program you want helping you. So, check it out. It really is"easy" and takes the aggravation out of getting a new PC.

Avant Browser, by Anderson Che, is another alternative Web browser that you might want to takea look at. It lets you surf with multiple windows so you can be on anumber of sites at one time. I personally find this feature very handy.The program is totally compatible with Internet Explorer and things likebookmarks are automatically imported. Slick! The program also has abuilt-in RSS newsfeed reader so you can easily view RSS and ATOM feeds.One really neat feature is the "full screen mode" which really isfull screen. Toggle this on and all you see is the Web page. No toolbar,no icons, nothing. Innovative.

Avant Browser lets you block Flash animations which can have aneffect on how fast pages load. It also has Google and Yahoo built-in soyou can find things on the 'net easily. The program also makes it easyto take care of your privacy, making it easy to erase the history,cookies, cache files, and more. Another feature I really liked I foundin the mouse functions of the program. Like Opera it has what arecalled "mouse gestures", but a slight twist. With Avant Browseryou can customize the mouse gestures to suit you, which I findappealing. It also has a mouse function that I think is pretty slick. Ifyou click on a link within a Web site using the middle mouse button itwill open that page in a new window behind the current page.Nice!

Avant Browser is a nice alternative browser that maintainscompatibility with Internet Explorer. It has some interesting and uniquefeatures that really make it worth a good look. It has support for theever-popular "skins" so you can customize the way the program looks. Theauthor even provides a "skin maker" program on the Web site or you canuse those made by others. And, one other feature I really like is theability to recover from a crash. We have power outages around here quiteoften and I hate it when the computer goes down and "loses" a Web site Iwas on. With Avant Browser, it will remember where it was and reload thesites. Very slick indeed. So, if you'd like to try out another Webbrowser you owe it to yourself to give Avant Browser a try. Very nicelydone.

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