SmartDraw has been one of Doc's "Favorites" since 1994. Find out why!
Published: Feb 12, 2006
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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A Dr. File Finder Favorite -- SmartDraw

SmartDraw, by SmartDraw.com, is a drawing program for all seasons. You can use it to create so many things. Maps, flow charts, floor plans, charts for your company or organization and so much more! It's flexible and if you have a drawing need, I'd bet that most of the time, SmartDraw can meet it. Want to do your family tree? In various colors? No problem! And you have such a vast number of resources to call upon. It comes with over 50,000 shapes, built-in! And if you want, you can buy additional ones. It also comes with a huge number of possible layouts. Pick one and you even get pointers on how to use it -- as you can see in the screen shot. Impressive!

SmartDraw is a program that I've written about before. I first reviewed it in 1995, not long after it had been released. And, I reviewed it again in 2002 as part of my round-up of Shareware Industry Awards winners. But now, I'm reviewing it for a different reason. SmartDraw is extremely easy-to-use. It has a basic characteristic that I look for in every program -- it's intuitive. And that is so important. It's won the Shareware Industry Award multiple times. It's won the SIAF People's Choice Award. And now, because of all the things it can do, I'm giving SmartDraw the distinction of being a Dr. File Finder Favorite! And those are few and far between.

So, SmartDraw, by SmartDraw.com, is a "pick" and not just by me, but by thousands of people every day. It's a "favorite" and not just of yours truly, but of tens of thousands of users around the world. It's easy-to-use, it's intuitive, and it's loaded with features. It comes in several different versions so it can meet the needs of someone at home or someone running a business. You can create just about anything with it - from maps to circuit boards to the organizational chart of your Scout troop. So, if you don't try another program this year, you need to take a good look at SmartDraw. One of my personal Favorites since 1994! Try it!

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Michael E. Callahan, known around the world by the trademarked name Dr. File Finder, is regarded as the world's leading expert on shareware. Dr. File Finder works with software programs and developers full-time, and in the average year he evaluates 10,000 programs. Since 1982 he has evaluated over 250,000 software and hardware products. Mr. Callahan began evaluating software online in 1982 and no one has been at it longer. He currently works doing online PR and marketing for software companies, and is the Senior Content Producer for Butterscotch.Com.

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