Picks: Reviews of BigOven Recipe Software, Graphics Converter Pro, As-U-Type, and Sendblaster Free Edition.

Picks: Reviews of BigOven Recipe Software, Graphics Converter Pro, As-U-Type, and Sendblaster Free Edition.
Published: Jul 16, 2008
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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BigOven Recipe Software, by Lakefront Software, Inc. is wonderful software product for doing everything with recipes. It's an impressive piece of software and if you're into cooking like I am, you're going to want to check it out for yourself. The program makes it easy to enter your personal recipes. This is great for your own use, but it's also helpful for sharing your recipes with family and friends. The program is very easy-to-use and I think it's perfect for both new and experienced users. One of my favorite features is the grocery list. Don't you hate it when you go to cook something and you're missing a couple key ingredients? Well, not with BigOven Recipe Software. All you do is drag and drop a recipe onto the grocery list and the program makes you a grocery list! Ahhh, but it gets even better. The program just doesn't give you any old list, it even sorts it for you by aisle of your store. All of this, to me, would be worth the cost, but there's still more. The program makes it a snap to deal with quantity issues. Have a recipe that serves four, but today you have to serve 24? The program figures it out for you. You can mark recipes that you want to try, create meal plans, and get new recipes from the huge online database. Want to share your Grandma's banana bread recipe? You can do it online and do it easily. So, if you like to cook,this is a program you owe it to yourself to try, and buy! My highest recommendation.

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP

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Graphics Converter Pro, by Newera Software Technology Inc. is a cool tool for anyone that wants to work with and convert graphics. This baby can handle over 500 different graphics formats and that's impressive. For the purposes of testing it I used about 30 different formats. Graphics Converter Pro can convert graphics in large batches which make it perfect for someone who deals with a lot of graphics files. Graphics Converter Pro is also a great way to view all the graphics you have. The program comes with a range of filters and effects that let you do cool things with your graphic images. While it supports 500 different formats going in it also supports over 100 formats going out. That's an impressive amount. The program is really easy-to- use and has an intuitive user interface. That makes it perfect for users with all levels of experience. Graphics Converter Pro also lets you do slide shows which means you can line up your vacation photos, convert them, and then watch your trip all over again. So, if you like graphics you ned to take a good look at Graphics Converter Pro. I recommend it.

System Requirements: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP

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As-U-Type, by Fanix Software is a program I've reviewed before and I wanted to come back to it as there's a new version. This is is a neat utility that spell checks everything you type on your computer in real time. So, if you type something wrong, it catches it, and right now! But it's even more than just another spell checker. In using the software for a period of time, I found that it seems to adapt to my "style" of writing. And, it also corrects many spelling mistakes automatically. That can be a real time-saver because it means that when you're done typing something, you're totally done! You don't have to go back and check the spelling. Another neat feature is that you can go in and add things that may be peculiar to you. For example, I sometimes use "Ahh", such as "Ahh, I understand." Well, the program didn't like that so I went in and added it. Very slick. As-U-Type is extremely easy-to-use and perfect for both new and experienced users. It makes you more productive because it catches mistakes as you make them. Unlike spelling programs that are part of a particular program, this works in every program under Windows. And I do mean every program including your email, instant messenger, Web browser, and lots more. And it'll make you look like the winner of the spelling bee! The program also lets you copy and paste text segments through the use of keyboard shortcuts. And that also saves you time, and effort. I'm actually using it as I type this review and by now I've gotten very used to it being there. Heck, it not only types you're regular spelling errors, but it'll even catch something that's accidental .. Like a stray key press. Very slick! As-U-Type, by Fanix Software, is an interesting program that will make everything you type better. It works all the time no matter what program you're using. It learns the mistakes you make most, and adapts. It will correct many mistakes automatically. And with others, it will make a sound and underline the error in red. You can insert pieces of text with shortcuts, add to the dictionary, add little phrases peculiar to yourself, and more! So, if you're like many people and have trouble with spelling, this is a program you want to have! It may well be a program you need to have. Get rid of the errors in everything you write and give this program a good, long look! You're going to like it!

System Requirements: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP

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Sendblaster Free Edition , by eDisplay is a powerful mailing list program that responsible companies can use to email clients or potential clients. Many companies use email to contact users or those who might become users, like when you download software. I know I often receive follow-up emails after downloading and that's often done with something like Sendblaster Free Edition. The program has a very nice user interface and I found it to be easy-to- use so it's perfect for both new and experienced users. You can personalize the emails you send with Sendblaster Free Edition so your emails don't sound so much like a form letter. Using the program you can put your message together, decide who you want to send it to, and send them out. The program also comes with some nice templates you can use to get you started. By using the variable fields you can introduce up to fifteen different personalized items in each email. Sendblaster Free Edition has some great features and it's also quite easy-to-use. You can manage your email list, eliminate bad addresses, and lots more. So, if you're looking for a bulk email solution for your business take a look at Sendblaster Free Edition.

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista

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