How To Use Yahoo! Go - Part 1 of 3

Yahoo! Go is a full-featured application for your mobile device that let's you access your information your way. Read part one of this three-part editorial series.
Published: Mar 31, 2008
Author: Michael E, Callahan

Use Yahoo! Go - Part 1 of 3

by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

As part of my continuing efforts to talk about "going portable" and making things easier for yourself, I want to take a good look at Yahoo! Go. This is one of the coolest products I've seen for accessing your information on a mobile device. Yahoo! Go is so loaded with neat features that I'll cover it in three parts. Today the first thing I want to cover is the key to navigation in Yahoo! Go which is the Carousel. As the name implies the Carousel goes around in a circle, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. You can select Home, Email, Flickr, News, and so on. At any point you can always go back to the Carousel from within a selection to move to another area. While Yahoo! Go installs with default items you can add or remove widgets to suit your needs. To give you a real feel for Yahoo! Go I'm going to talk about the functions that come built-in as well as some of the options.

Home, Sweet Home

The key to accessing everything is the Carousel and the first thing we'll look at is the Home page. This is your "essential starting point" for using Yahoo! Go. Select "Open" here and you find a convenient home page that let's you see What's New, Email, Weather, and anything else that you tell it to display. For example, I have it display weather for both Colorado and Tennessee because that's of interest to me. The interface is easy to configure so you get exactly what you want. Under Y! Go Settings you can configure what you see on startup, the update interval, put in your city, and more. You'll also find settings for Mail, Search, and Flickr.

Photos in Flickr

One of the base options in Yahoo! Go is accessing your Flickr account from your mobile device. You can easily access photos in your own Flickr account, but you can do so much more! For example, you can view and comment on the photos your friends have posted recently. In addition you can explore Flickr and you can even view "Interesting Photos" that feature some of the best photos on Flickr. While waiting at the dentists office, for example, I like to sit and just look at some of the cool photos that others have taken. It's amazing to me how good some people are with a camera.

Yahoo! Email

Another of the base options in Yahoo! Go is quick and easy access to your Yahoo! Email account. This is a full-featured way to handle your email. You can open incoming emails, reply, move them, and much more. You can mark emails as spam, mark messages as unread, view or hide message details, and delete emails. In addition, when you reply you can elect to reply, reply to all, or ever forward the email. Slick. In the setting for email you can also turn on message alerts and confirmations. When you compose a message you can search through your contacts by simply entering a few letters in the search box. So, as I said, this is no wimpy implementation of Yahoo! Email. You get all the features in a nice, clean format.

That's all for this week. Join me next week when I talk about more of the base features of Yahoo! Go.

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