How To Create a RSS Feed

This article explains how you can create a RSS feed using the feed creation wizard in FeedForAll.
Published: Sep 17, 2007
Author: Sharon Housley
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How do I create a RSS Feed?

RSS feeds can be created by hand or you can use software. If you are interested in manually creating an RSS feed you will need some sort of text editor. Of course it is much easier to use software to handle all of the markup for you, one of the solutions for creating RSS feeds is FeedForAll. The process for setting up a feed is made really easy by a built in wizard.

Follow these simple steps using the feed creation wizard, to create an RSS feed.

Enter the RSS Feed Title. The title should contain keywords and keyword phrases to indicate the RSS feeds contents.

Enter the description of the RSS feed. Think of the feed description as you would a description of the main page of a website.

Enter the Link of the web page that relates to the RSS feed's contents.

Now it is time to enter the first feed item.

For example: If your RSS feed is about a companies press releases, the first item would contain an actual press release.

Enter the Title of your feed item. The Item Title should be descriptive and related to the items contents and if possible contain keywords. The Item Title is similar to the title tag of a web page. It should be unique and relate to the content that it is referring to.

Enter the item description. Like the Feed Title, the description should contain keywords.

Example: If the feed contains press releases this is where the Press Release body should be.

Include a unique URL that relates to the feed item's contents.

Use the buttons to navigate, add additional items or finish and save the RSS feed.

To manually add RSS feeds without using the wizard simply, enter the information in the appropriate fields. Clicking the icon beside the description box will launch a WYSIWYG editor, which will allow you to add links and images to the items description.

Insert links using the WYSIWYG Editor. All information entered into the WYSIWYG editor will be properly encoded in your RSS feed.

Add images to the RSS feed description using the WYSIWYG Editor.

Use the check box to save the feed item. You have now successfully created an RSS Feed. Use the built in FTP editor to transfer the RSS feed to your web server.

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