Picks: Shareware Industry Awards Winners - Part 2

Published: Aug 8, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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Skype 6.6
Download Skype is software that enables you to make free calls anywhere in the world.
Mozilla Firefox for Windows 20.0b6
Download This browser provides pop-up control and a tabbed navigation mode that lets you open...
ClipMate Clipboard Extender 7.1.07
Download Popular Clipboard Extender Holds Thousands of Clips, remembers clips for days, months, or...
FTP Voyager
Download <p>FTP Voyager is a professional FTP client that supports multiple protocols,...
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ClipMate Clipboard Enhancer, by Thornsoft Development won the Shareware Industry Award in the Best Application category. This powerful clipboard utility makes your Windows "clipboard" into something truly useful. ClipMate can hold hundreds of clips and you can even create folders to house special clip items. With the default Windows clipboard you can copy or cut one item. With ClipMate everything you copy or cut is saved. You can go back in and paste something multiple times and that includes things like graphics images.

ClipMate can remove junk from text you've copied, lets you give each clip a new title, and has lots of configurable options. The program has grown constantly since 1991 and it's easy to see why it won. Check it out for yourself.

Mozilla Firefox, by Mozilla Foundations won the Shareware Industry Award in the Best Web Enhancement category. Mozilla Firefox is loaded with all the features anyone needs for browsing the Web. It imports your bookmarks from Internet Explorer and makes it easy for you use them. And it has a full range of configurable options -- like saving passwords, keeping your history, and even viewing "source" that's color coded!

Mozilla Firefox supports a huge number of add-ons and extensions the cover an amazing range of purposes. There are add-ons for blogs, weather, music, searches, bookmarks, time, and lots, lots more. Easy to see why Mozilla Firefox won.

FTP Voyager, by RhinoSoft.com won the Shareware Industry Awards in the Best Internet Enhancement category. This is a powerful FTP client that's also easy-to-use. It has all the extra features that experienced users want, but it's also easy enough for novice users to get going with. No wonder it's won the Shareware Industry Awards multiople times.

FTP Voyager has a built-in scheduler so you can schedule file transfers. This feature lets you automate tasks like updating your Web pages. It has the power to download, upload, delete, and even synchronize files! Give it a try for yourself. For doing FTP transfers it's the perfect solution!

Skype, by Skype Limited won the Shareware Industry Award in the Best Internet Communication category. This powerful communication tool can be used to make free calls from PC to PC via the Internet. You can talk with friends and family all around the world. With Skype you can also do text and video conversations.

Skype is free to use and you can also use it to call land line phones or cell phones around the world. The Skype VOiP service is inexpensive and easy-to-use. You can even do conference calls and have voice mail. A great solution for keeping in touch.

Google Earth, by Google, Inc. won the Shareware Industry Award in the Best Hobby and Personal Interest category. This cool tool is free and lets you "fly" all around the globe. You can look at your house or apartment, look at the neighborhood school, or look at famous landmarks. You can also use Google Earth to find driving directions, find hotels, parks, places to eat, and lots more. You can also share your searches and have "favorites" that you can go back to again and again.

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