Picks: A roundup of HTML editors for creating your Web pages.

Reviews of EasyWebSite Pro, SiteSpinner, Page Breeze Free HTML Editor, AlleyCode HTML Editor, DiDaPro HTML Editor, and TopStyle Pro.
Published: Mar 7, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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PageBreeze HTML Editor 4.0c
Download PageBreeze is a powerful HTML Editor which has both visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag modes.
Easy Website Pro 5.0.7
Download Easy Website Pro has a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor where you can create...
Alleycode HTML Editor 2.21
Download This HTML editor offers Synchro View, which provides real-time rendition with two-way...
DiDaPro HTML Editor 5.60
Download This HTML editor includes color-coded tags, the ability to input code and a preview...
TopStyle Pro 3.10
Download This is an HTML, XHTML and CSS editor. It includes a style upgrade, which upgrades...
SiteSpinner 2.91L
Download SiteSpinner is designed to be an all-in-one website creation tool easy enough for...
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Reviewed by Dr. File Finder

Greetings and Welcome! I'm just backfrom a short vacation my wife and I took to Florida. Very relaxing andwe had a wonderful time. Now it's time to get back to work and tell youabout some excellent software. I've had lots of email inquiries askingme about HTML editors. So, because you asked about it I'm going to do acouple of things. In the near future I'm going to do a review ofproducts that help you to generate Web pages. Today, however, I'mgoing to do a "Dr. File Finder Picks Roundup! of HTML Editors. So, if you're all set just sit back,relax, and let's take a look.

Easy Website Pro, by PhotonFXis an impressive product that'll be included in my review of productsthat help you generate Web pages. I also felt I wanted to mention ithere. The product is loaded with features and makes it really easy tocreate a Web page in no time at all. You can utilize templates,add your own graphics, and lots more.

Easy Website Pro takes you through the entire processstep-by-step. You can create cool introductions for your Web page, addsound, and even customize buttons. I was impressed with the results itproduced. The program is easy-to-use and it has an intuitive userinterface. To me that makes it perfect for users with all levels ofexperience.

Another thing that really caught my eye with Easy Website Pro issome of the cool things it lets you do. Like having a guest bookfor visitors to use when they come to your Web site. That's reallyslick. This product is really full-featured so I'll be coming back to itagain in my series on creating Web pages. Really impressive, and so muchso that it's not only a Pick, but I'm also making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite! There aren't verymany of those. Check it out for yourself and see just how good it is!

SiteSpinner, by Virtual Mechanics Inc.is a really impressive HTML editor that's simply loaded with features.This baby is truly "What You See Is What You Get" or WYSIWYG. One reallycool feature is the ability to change the size of images right insidethe program. Slick! That's a time-saver all by itself - no resizinggraphics in a graphics editor. Oh, and speaking of "graphics editors"you won't need one with SiteSpinner. The program has everything youneed to create shapes - like circles, ovals, elipses, polygons,squares, and more. Create your own custom shape if you want and thenmake it transparent or add shading. You can even go freeform and createa shape. And what's really cool is that when you get done you can usethe "Vertex Editor" to rearrange the points in your shape. For a littletouch-up here and there. The program also comes with a nice variety oftemplates to help get you started on your Web project. Ahh, but there'smore!

SiteSpinner also has a "Special FX" function so you canadd cool things like "mouse-overs". Another neat feature is the abilityto lock or unlock objects. When you lock an object it can't be rotatedor moved which keeps your creations safe. Ah, and yet another featurethat sets SiteSpinner apart from many others -- built-in FTP! That'sright, you can publish your new Web site with the same software youcreated it with. It's great for uploading your new site or uploadingrevisions and additions.

SiteSpinner is impressive, easy-to-use, and intuitive.Great for users with all levels of computer experience. The program hasexcellent on-line help and also boasts some very nice support forums.So, if you're looking for a full-featured WYSIWYG (wizzy-wig) Webeditor, take a good look at SiteSpinner. Impressive!

PageBreeze Free HTML Editor, by Solutionsoftis a really full-featured HTML editor. It also utilizes a WYSIWYGinterface so "What You See Is What You Get" and that's a great help whencreating Web pages, at least in my mind. The program makes it easy foryou to toggle back and forth between the visual, WYSIWYG mode and HTML.Like many text editors, the HTML "tags" are color coded for convenience.PageBreeze also come with lots of free templates that you can use forcreating Web sites. I found the program to be very easy-to-use with anintuitive interface. It also features a really nice "Form Builder" thatmakes it a snap to create really neat Web forms. Just drag and drop andin no time you can have a form that exactly meets your need.

PageBreeze Free Visual HTML Editor has all the featuresyou'd want, or need, for creating Web pages that are appealing. And, itnot only has the features you need, but it also has great on-line helpwhen you need it. Forms, tables, inserting graphics, even autoformatting, it's all right there. So, if you'd like to create a Web siteof your own, you may want to give it a try. Well done!

Alleycode HTML Editor, by KonaeTechnologies, Inc. is a neat HTML editor that you can use tocreate Web pages. Another slick feature is that it's FREE. It has allthe basic things you'd expect in a good HTML editor. Ahh, but it alsohas a bunch of extra features that I think you'll find really useful.The program is easy-to-use and I think it's perfect for both new andexperienced users. It even comes with a cool tutorial that will help getyou started if you're new to HTML. And, it not only does HTML, but mixesin some CSS and PHP to round out the entire Web page experience.

Alleycode HTML Editor has a CSS "wizard" that helps you work withstyle sheets. Another feature I really like is what they call "SynchroView". What does it do? It lets you see things in "real time" whichmakes it nice when you're designing a Web page. You can seechanges as you make them and to me that's a real plus. You can previewyour pages in a Web browser, create tables, forms, select from a varietyof fonts, and if that's not enough the program has FTP. For a freeproduct, this program has an impressive array of features. It makes iteasy to create really impressive Web pages, and create them right. So,if you've been looking for an HTML editor, you have to take a look atAlleycode HTML Editor! Very nicely done.

DiDaPro HTML Editor, by FAICO Information Solutionsis another slick HTML editor that's packed with cool features. It'seasy-to-use and intuitive, perfect for both new and experienced users.One neat feature is the programs size because it's amazingly small.That also means it's also easy to take with you, like on a USB drive forexample.

DiDaPro HTML Editor is fast, efficient, lean, and mean. If you'relooking for an HTML editor that lets you get the job done quickly, thismay be what you're looking for. It offers all of the key features thatyou need in any HTML editor. Check it out for yourself.

TopStyle Pro, by Bradbury Software, LLC.is an HTML editor that's so much more. And while it's reallydesigned for professional Web page creators, it really can be used byanyone. It has an intuitive interface and it's relatively easy-to-use.The program supports HTML, XHTML, CSS and gives you all of the toolsyou need to work in style! One feature that I thought was really coolis the programs "Full Screen Preview." This allows you to see your Webpages exactly as they'd be seen on the Web, and in full-screen mode.And, on top of that, it will also let you look at your pages as seenthrough Netscape and Internet Explorer at the same time! Very slick.This allows you to see any differences between the two browsers.Excellent!

TopStyle Pro also has a "Style Checker" that will go through yourWeb pages and validate your style sheets. And, as it does so, it willvalidate your work -- and show you if there are any problems amongdifferent browsers. TopStyle Pro, will also let you convert all of yourolder Web pages with just a mouse click. This "Style Upgrade" featureinstantly updates your pages -- very cool. At the sametime, TopStyle Pro also integrates with HomeSite, which is bythe same author, and Dreamweaver MX. Slick!

TopStyle Pro is a powerful tool for working with your Web pages. It's loaded with powerful features, and yet, it has an interface that'sintuitive. It works with CSS, HTML, and XHTML and can quickly convertyour older Web pages. With its Style Checker, Full Screen Preview, StyleUpgrade, and many other features, it's a dynamite product. So, if you'reinterested in spicing up your Web pages, fiddling with style sheets, andupgrading your HTML, this is the product to try! I doubt you'llfind one better!

That brings us to the end of our "Dr. File FinderPicks Roundup of HTML Editors. I hope you enjoyed it.Creating your own Web page can be fun and you don't always have to knowHTML coding. Remember to stay tuned for an editorial feature on programsthat can generate Web pages for you. That's coming soon. Until next timeI hope you have a great week, a wonderful weekend, and happydownloading.

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