Picks: Reviews of ViewCompanion Pro, XL-DBQuery, CryptoExpert 2007, and more.

Convert files from one format to another, encrypt virtual disks, enhance the data in Microsoft Excel, and lots more.
Published: Feb 21, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
Related OS: Windows
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ViewCompanion Pro 10.30
Download ViewCompanion Pro is a program that can view, markup, print and convert PDF, HPGL/2, PLT,...
XL-DBQuery 1.1
Download NEW for XL-DBQuery Version 1.1 :- - Support for Parameter Queries - Compatible with...
HelpDesk CentreDesk Group 6.101
Download CentreDesk is a freeware multi-user helpdesk application, that is affordable and easy to...
StudioLine Photo Classic 3.8.3
Download Powerful and easy-to-use management and editing for digital photos.
CryptoExpert 8 8.34
Download CryptoExpert 8 uses a real-time on-the-fly encryption system to provide secure offline...
Wave Flow 5.8
Download This audio editor can play, record, filter and modify a wave form, using more than 60...
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Reviewed by Dr. File Finder

Greetings and Welcome! Marching throughFebruary and I'm nearly buried in snow. I don't remember the last timewe had snow on the ground so long in Colorado. Normally it snows, thenthe sun comes out and the snow starts to melt. Not this year. I feellike I'm living in Alaska. In any event, it doesn't stop me fromdownloading and looking at a lot of good software. I have some softwarepicked out to tell you about and I hope you'll enjoy reading about it.So, if you're all set, lets take a look.

ViewCompanion Pro, by Software Companionsis a powerful tool for converting files from one format into another. Intesting it out I found that the program supports an impressive list offile formats. To name just a few it supports PDF, PCX, BMP, PNG, JPEG,WMF, TIFF Raster, and more. Even if you don't want to convert anythingthe program is great for viewing files and printing them. You don't needto install anything else and no extra drivers are required either.

ViewCompanion Pro also works with files from Autodesk and canhandle these file formats as well. Another really cool feature ofViewCompanion Pro is the ability to add lines, triangles,rectangles, text, arrows, and more to a file. The cool thing is thatunlike some other programs these markups are stored in a separatefile so your originals are safe. You can even add hyperlinks thatwill open your Web browser or another file.

With ViewCompanion Pro you can convert files in batches as wellas print in batches. The program has so many features you just have totry it for yourself. If you work with a lot of different file types andneed to convert, view, and print, this may be just the program you need.Check it out!

XL-DBQuery, by SBS Developmentis an add-in for Microsoft Excel that makes it easy to analyze yourdata. It lets you build queries that get the most out of yourdata. I was impressed with the fact that the program is extremelyintuitive when it comes to getting the information you need. Anothercool feature of this powerful add-in is the ability to merge informationfrom other sources.

XL-DBQuery is intuitive to use, but I suggest that you'refamiliar with Microsoft Excel. It comes in two versions, Standard andProfessional. The program is actually useful to both new and experiencedusers as each group would use it differently based on their experience.Regardless of experience XL-DBQuery is amazingly easy-to-use. So,if you have to work with data in Excel, you'll want to take a good, longlook at XL-DBQuery. It lets you take your experience with Exceland build on it, getting you real results! Impressive!

CryptoExpert 2007 Professional, by SecureAction Research, LLC.is a clever utility that allows you to create virtual disks thatare encrypted. You can use these virtual drives to store sensitive dataor other materials you don't want others to see. The program uses256-bit encryption so your data is definitely safe. The virtual disksyou create are assigned a drive letter, just like any of your regulardisks.

CryptoExpert 2007 Professional lets you mount disks bysupplying the proper password. At this point the virtual disk appearslike any other in your file manager or Windows Explorer. In testing itout I was impressed by how fast the process was, especially when doingthings with files in a virtual disk. When you're done with aparticular disk (also called a container) you just dismount itand it's totally encrypted again. While working with the program Icreated 10 or 12 virtual disks and was pleased to find that I coulddismount all of them by using one hot key. Slick!

I found that CryptoExpert 2007 Professional has support forseveral different types of encryption, including DES and Blowfish.Encryption/decryption is totally transparent and quite fast. The programis very easy-to-use and has a nice, intuitive user interface. To me thatmakes it perfect for both new and experienced users. The product is verynicely done, and I recommend it to anyone who's looking to create secure,virtual areas on their computer. Try it!

Freeware Help Desk - CentreDesk Group for Access, by Merging Technologiesis extremely cool software that provides what you need to create ahelp desk. This product is absolutely free and supports three (3)users. In a support situation, for example, everyone would be using thesame software. For one this helps insure consistency in answers nomatter who supplies the answer. This free version gives you a realfeel for software. The company sells three other versions eachwith a different focus.

Freeware Help Desk - CentreDesk Group for Access uses MicrosoftAccess as the repository for help desk data. I thought this was aparticularly wise choice by the developers. The program is veryeasy-to-use and quite intuitive. Help desk software is invaluable ifyou have to give support of any kind. So, if you're looking for astandardized way to provide answers for common questions, take a goodlook at the products from CentreDesk Group. Very nicely done.

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Wave Flow 5.8 isn't a program for restless surfers, but rather aslick audio editor. Testing it out I played with a large range ofspecial effects that really altered my sounds. The program has a userfriendly interface and is easy-to-use, so you won't have to be a soundengineer to have fun with it. You can use it to play sounds, recordthem, modify them, and lots more. Interested in audio? The take the timeto check it out. I'll get to my full review as soon as possible, butdon't wait for me, have at it!And

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick
  • StudioLine Photo Classic 3.8.3 by H&M Systems Software
  • Check It Out!

StudioLine Photo Classic 3.8.3 is a powerful program for workingwith photos. Not only can you edit your photos, but you can get themorganized as well. The interface is interesting and easy-to-use. Theprogram is just loaded with cool features like extensive searchcapabilities, reminders to backup your photos, a search and replacefunction, and lots more. You can even create really fun slideshows thatinclude a nice range of transitions. This is really an impressiveproduct so I'm going to take more time to look at it. If you'reimpatient go ahead and download it and read my full review later.

Yikes! Another week gone, can you believe it? Next week we'll alreadybe into March. Time for you to start thinking about what yourfavorite software programs are. Why? Because starting May 1st, thevoting for the annual "People's Choice Awards" begins and you'll want to cast your votes. I'll be back againnext week with more cool programs to tell you about. Try and join me ifyou can and bring your friends. Always room for more. Till then, have agreat week, a wonderful weekend, and happy downloading!

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