Picks: Easy DVD-Video Copy, 4D Flash Create, OroTimesheet, EZGenerator, and more.

This week Doc reviews software that helps you replicate CDs, create Flash project, track the time you spend on project, create a Web site, and more. Read all about it.
Published: Feb 14, 2007
Author: Michael E, Callahan
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Keyword Companion 2.0.4
Download So what exactly is Keyword Companion and how does it work?
CDizz Player 0.9957
Download CDizz is an innovative, free media player that upgrades any music file or CD into a rich...
4D FlashCreate Professional Edition 5.1
Download Look like you spent hours designing a professional Flash intro when in fact you only spent...
OroTimesheet 6.25
Download Keep track of time spent on each project by employees in your organization.
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Reviewed by Dr. File Finder

Greetings and Welcome! Good of you tostop by. Yesterday was Valentines Day and my wife and I went to see BobSeger in concert. We saw him the year we got married, the year of our20th anniversary, and now the year our 30th anniversary. We had a greattime. Now, it's back to work. This week I have another round of softwarePicks to tell you about. Some cool products and I hope you'll find theminteresting. So, if you're ready just sit back, relax, and let's take alook!

Easy DVD-Video Copy, by EasyDVDCDBurner.comis a nifty tool for making identical copies of DVDs. Unlike somesimilar product it really makes an exact copy including all the fancy menus,languages, and more. It's really good for making archival copiesof movies. In testing it out I found that it has a function that letsyou preview while you're working. This shows you thumbnails soyou know right where you are in a movie.

Easy DVD-Video Copy is very easy-to-use and has an intuitive userinterface. That makes it perfect for users with all levels ofexperience. The program supports the full range of DVD types and it alsogives you some other options. If you want you can copy a DVD to yourhard drive, or go from hard drive to DVD. Testing it out the quality ofthe copy was excellent and to be honest I couldn't tell the difference. With external USB hard drives being so inexpensive this is a great wayto backup your movie collection. If a disc gets damaged you can burn areplacement. Slick.

Easy DVD-Video Copy is a very cool product that makes it easy tomake archival copies of your DVDs. It's easy-to-use, has a great set offeatures, and you can't beat the price. So, if you're into movies, checkit out. I recommend it.

4D FlashCreate Professional Edition, by Intro Wizard Technologiesis a slick program for creating your own Flash projects. Trustme, if a "graphically challenged" person like me can use this,you can too. The program is really intuitive and veryeasy-to-use. I think that makes it perfect for both new and experiencedusers. You don't need to understand Flash or be a programmer to getgreat results.

4D FlashCreate Professional Edition comes with templates to getyou started. In testing it out I used these and was actually amazed athow easy it was to create something. I could change the colors, add sometext, and with a few clicks I had a completed Flash intro. You don'tneed to buy anything else either so you're ready to go. The programcomes in two editions. The Professional Edition as well as a HomeEdition. Pick the version that's right for you. If you've wanted to adda Flash intro to your Web page, or create Flash introductions for otherthings, this may be the program for you. Check it out!

OroTimesheet, by OroLogic Inc.is a full-featured program for tracking time and projects. The programis very easy-to-use and is perfect for both new and experienced users.The program is perfect for managing employees, projects, groups, andmuch more. For one thing the program helps you control costs by lettingyou track wages, expenses, and so on. The program has lots of customizableoptions and I always like that. You can customize things like the typeof currency, the reports, units of time, and lots more.

OroTimesheet comes with a full range of reports that really giveyou a great overview of a project. When you create a project you canalso add sub-projects, allow for expenses, and track activities on anongoing basis. OroTimesheet lays it all out for you whether it'sa relatively simple project or one that's really detailed. Unlike someother "project manager", for example, this product can actuallyhandle billing and invoicing. That's a powerful feature because it putsthat function in the project management instead of in some otherprogram outside of it. Cool.

OroTimesheet has so many cool features that you really have totry it out for yourself in order to appreciate. It's truly one of themost full-featured "project managers" I've looked at. So, if you do alot of projects, big or small, you owe it to yourself to take a goodlook at OroTimesheet. It has the power you need while still beingeasy-to-use. Well done!

EZGenerator Web Site Builder, by Image-Line Softwareis a program that caught my eye because I was thinking about updating aWeb site. It said that it would help "anyone to create a high qualityand good looking Web site in no time." Well, I wanted to see formyself. What can I say? It's cool! To begin with it's a totallyWYSIWYG interface. For those who don't know, WYSIWIG stands for "WhatYou See Is What You Get". It's a nice type of interface because it takesout the guess work. You don't have to wonder what your Web pagewill look like because you can see it.

EZGenerator comes with an "example" Web page, but you canalso try creating your own. This is where it really gets cool becausethe program walks your right through it. First you pick out a templatefrom the ones available. Once you've selected you tell the wizard whattype of site it's going to be - personal, business, picture gallery,etc. In the next step you actually select pages that you want includedin your Web site. Things like About, FAQ, Home, Newsletter, Customerquotes, Calendar, and so on. Remember, if you want the pages can just beplace holders. So, for example, you may not want a FAQ page, but you canalways edit that page and make it whatever you want.

Next you enter the site information like project name, site title, andthe like. Lastly, you go to a summary page that lets you reviewall your choices. If you see something you missed or something you wantdifferent, you can go back and fix it. If everything is okay you click"continue" and your site is generated. Slick! Then, you can go in andchange the text, put in your own graphics, and do anything you like.EZGenerator lets you work with over 3,000 templates along withgraphics and other items. You get to use all these items royaltyfree!

EZGenerator is the coolest program I've seen so far this year,and that closing in on 2,000 programs. It has modules for podcasts,blogs, ecommerce, taking polls, doing newsletters, and more! And I'vejust scratched the surface. EZGenerator will be in myspecial series on HTML editors. I'm so impressed that it's not only aPick, but it's also a Dr. File Finder Favorite! and those are few and far between. Take a look for yourself.It's impressive and I recommend it!

Dr. File Finder Quick Picks
Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

Keyword Companion 2.0.4 is a neat little program that helps youto generate keywords to use on your Web site. The program buildsyou a list of keywords that are appropriate and pertinent. The programhelps you manage your keywords on a regular basis. The program seemslike a real time-save when it comes to the often tedious task of puttingtogether a good keyword list. I'll get to my full review as soon aspossible, but don't wait for me. Check it out!

Dr. File Finder Quick Pick

CDizz Player 0.9856 is an interesting program that works withmusic CDs that you've purchased. What does it do? Well, it goes out andfinds all kinds of stuff that pertains to a music CD. Like lyrics,chords, cover art, images, news, and so on. Best thing is that it'sabsolutely FREE. There's a whole lot more to it and I'll get to my fullreview as soon as I can. For now, if you're into music don't wait forme, but take a look for yourself. A really interesting concept.

Where does the time go? I don't know, but it goes by too fast. I reallyhope you enjoyed reading about these cool software products. Take thetime to download them and try them out for yourself. Fiddle with themand see if they're right for you! There's a whole world ofsoftware out there and the best way to find the best program for you isto try out a few. I'll be back next week with more software products totell you about. I hope you'll join me. Till then, have a great week, awonderful weekend, and happy downloading!

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Michael E. Callahan, known around the world by the trademarked name Dr. File Finder, is regarded as the world's leading expert on shareware. Dr. File Finder works with software programs and developers full-time, and in the average year he evaluates 10,000 programs. Since 1982 he has evaluated over 250,000 software and hardware products. Mr. Callahan began evaluating software online in 1982 and no one has been at it longer. He currently works doing online PR and marketing for software companies, and is the Senior Content Producer for Butterscotch.Com.

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